Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring Break is almost over and we've stayed busy yet stilled enjoyed some time to relax. Since we have a pretty big trip coming up in July we decided it would be best to stay around here and get some some things done.
We started the week of with the celebrating Steve's birthday. He decided no birthday cake this year and wanted chocolate bundt cake instead.

We headed up to Amarillo to spend the weekend with Steve's family. It was great to see so many family members during one trip.

One of our projects was putting curtains up in our bedroom. These are the first window treatments we have put up in our house. I was excited to find some that matched our bedding so well.

Steve worked on getting our porch all ready for spring. He added hanging baskets and I love them! The hard part is finding flowering plants that will grow in complete shade.

I call him "allergy alley cat" although his real name is Shadow. No, we did NOT get a cat! This is the cat who used to live in our house (and now lives next door) and caused me untold hours of allergy woes. He seems to be a sweet kitty but every time I see him I am reminded of sneezing :)