Sunday, September 29, 2013

Journey: pictures

No fun news to share but I do have some cute pictures of my boy! We enjoyed a fun Saturday at the zoo yesterday. He was much more interested in the animals this time which was fun to experience.
Grandparents Day!

Cousin Time!

My awesome co-workers! Our boys are very close in age which is so fun!!

These boys know how to have fun!

Friends at lunch!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Journey: 5 months

Today we celebrate being with our boy for 5 months. Life is wonderful and busy! David has been in school for a month now and LOVES it. He missed some days this week due to being sick :( and he was sad. He did get to stay with GiGi and Papa which made for a couple of fun days.
David has discovered cars and trucks and loves pointing them out to us on our drives around town. His favorite book right now is one about Rescue Vehicles. We read it each night along with a few others. He still enjoys Daniel Tiger and now really enjoys Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We thing that's what he'll probably be dressed as for Halloween. He also loves animals and making the animal sounds.
We had some special visitors from the south last weekend. My cousins, David and Al, came to Texas for the A&M vs. Bama game. They are both HUGE Bama fans and my dad is an Aggie which made for some fun ribbing. I hadn't seen Al since my wedding, 10 years ago! It was so fun to have them in town!
We are excited about fall weather getting closer and closer. David loves being outside so we are looking forward to days we can be outside without sweating so much :)
How cute are these boys?!? David and his friend, Brock!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Journey: new routine

He did better than Mommy did with the transition!
Last year at this time Steve and I were going back to jobs after an awesome summer of travel and kitchen updates. We didn't even know about David- how weird is that! I had the adoption paperwork out and had looked at it but hadn't made that next step in sending in our Waiting Child checklist. How a year can just fly by! This year we've had our first week of school and are figuring out our new schedule. This year we are loving every moment we have with our precious son. This year I will spend much less time at work and much more time playing blocks, cars and ball with my son! So excited that THIS YEAR is finally here!!

The great news is that David loves school! He's had no problem during drop-off and he is all smiles when we pick him up in the afternoon. Steve is doing all the dropping of and picking up due to his more flexible schedule and being so close to school. There will be a few days when I get to pick him up and I look forward to those days! David has enjoyed playing with new friends and playing with new toys at school. He really likes to put on his backpack in the mornings- he's so darn cute!! His language continues to expand and I think school will really help with that. His newest "I'm so cute" thing is that at prayer time he will bow his head and close his eyes. He tends to close them really tight and usually has a huge smile on his face. Oh My Word he is precious!!!
Steve is teaching 5 classes this fall at Baylor and not teaching nights at MCC- thank goodness! He had a great first week with over 200 students. I've started my 10th year as counselor at Cedar Ridge. We have a population of about 650 this year. I've have a new scheduling duty this year which has taken up most of my time the past two weeks but I should start teaching next week. Steve and I are so blessed to love what we do and be surrounded by great co-workers!!

Ready to cheer on the bears!
Yesterday we enjoyed taking David to his first Baylor football game. It was HOT! I mean really, really HOT! We got there early to visit a friend's tailgate and see the band. By the time we made it into the stands we were all worn out. David did okay but wasn't really interested in the game. He yelled some and enjoyed swinging the pom-pom around. We've been working on teaching him "sic 'em bears" this week so we had fun with that at the game. We left during the first half and I was glad to get into the ac filled car! It was a fun first game. I think we'll wait till it cools off before we go to another one. Better yet I am already looking forward to basketball season- indoors and shorter :)

Sic 'Em Bears!!