Thursday, May 29, 2008

LID #4

A special friend gave me this burp cloth for Mother's Day. How sweet is that!!! I was brought to tears seeing our daughter's name :)
Well, the fourth month of waiting is over. May was so busy the time flew by. It recently really hit me that I am going to be a mom. I was walking down the hall with a co-worker who asked me about our wait and how I was doing. I don't know why it hit me then but I was overcome with the most amazing feeling!!!! I AM GOING TO BE A MOM! Now, it may be many, many months from now and that is okay 'cause no matter how long it takes I will have a daughter, yeah!!!
PS-only 4 1/2 more days :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend in Review

We had a great weekend trip to Houston to celebrate my granddad's 91st birthday and Memorial day. We headed down on Saturday and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with my granddad and family. It is amazing to know that he is celebrating his 91st birthday and is still doing so well. He remembers more than I do about most events. We love to sit and listen to him tell amazing stories of growing up in such a different time than now. It was great to see my aunt, uncle and cousin as well!On Sunday the boys and me headed to see the Astros game. My nephews had never been to a professional baseball game so that made it extra special. It would have been perfect if only the Astros had won. Luckily for me (as hot natured as I am) they had the roof closed and the air on!
Kemah is a fun boardwalk just outside Houston. We hadn't been there in over 5 years and it has built up a lot. There were boardwalk games and rides as well as fun shops to look in. Kemah is owned by Landry's restaurant company so choosing something good for dinner was easy.
Monday was spent enjoying NASA Space Center. This was my 5th visit. The kids LOVE looking at all the neat exhibits and playing all the games. The only bad thing was as we were walking in I fell, not fun. I had talked so much about falling the last time we visited Kemah I think I set myself up :) In the picture my scrap doesn't look too bad but it hurt a lot, I am such a wimp!
The weekend was a great time with family! Now if I can just make it the last 6 1/2 days of school I will be doing okay. Funny to think Steve will start again before I even finish. The last few days of school for me are busy getting certificates printed and visiting with kids one last time before summer is here.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please Pray

Please pray for the Chapman family at this difficult time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

home sweet home

We have now owned our home over 5 years. Sounds like a long time to me. I remember when we bought our house, the excitement of signing the papers and feeling like a "grown-up". We had the house for about 2 months before we married so we did some minor renovations before either of us moved in. The floors were redone with new carpet and tile and we also painted the guest bath. I had some other things that I wanted to do and throughout the past 5 years we have completed little projects. 'Course now I want to sell it but that is another story...
The master bath has always been on my list of things to redo. Last fall with the water leak part of the bathroom was redone with a new tub and surround. Well after many months of talking about it we finally are getting the bathroom painted! I have never liked the wallpaper that was up. Imagine the picture with the flowers all over your wall, kinda 80s. I did like the colors though. Luckily we know someone who is very good with home stuff. We picked out a color, Aqua Smoke, sounds weird-who names these colors anyway?!? I included a pic of Zoran hard at work taping. Let's just say neither Steve nor I are inclined to paint and such, my philosophy is 'why do it yourself when you can pay someone else to do it for you' :) We are continuing with the sea theme (the guest bathroom is done in North Carolina lighthouses) with shells and some sea pics. I am way excited to get rid of the flowers, that's for sure! I will post after pics later.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Only 11 1/2 more days...

...Not that I am counting how many more days of school left. 'Course I think I'm teaching summer school so what's the point in counting anyways? Oh well, at least in summer school there are fewer kids. Moving on...

We had a busy and great May weekend. We invited Hannah over to spend the night at our house. She was very excited and we had a fun time. Steve and I enjoyed her dance performances and we did a little hair styling as well. We also had lunch together at good 'ole McDonald's. On Saturday we went with Rich, my Dad and the kids to see the new Narnia movie. It was good although I need to read the book. Maybe I'll do that during the summer.

On Sunday Mike, Steve's brother, headed up from Round Rock for a quick visit. He is moving back to Lubbock at the end of the week so this was a good-bye party of sorts. We enjoyed a wonderful day together and will miss him living so close to us.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not goodbye, just see ya later

Last night we said "see ya later" to Faye, my parents international student from China. Faye had a very successful year at Baylor and even managed a 4.0 in her studies. She traveled quiet a bit while she was in America, probably saw more of the country than I have :) We will miss Faye tremendously but it's fun to think about seeing her when we visit China in a few years. I told her it wasn't a good-bye since we will see her again. Luckily her family was not affected by the recent earthquake in China. She is anxious to get back and share all her experiences from America. My parents did a great job at giving her a little taste of an American family.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friendly Stalking

This weekend was a grand celebration in Crawford, Texas. Jenna Bush got married at her dad's ranch right down the road from Waco. I've never been out to Crawford before but figured a wedding was the perfect excuse. My friend EJ and I decided to do a little "friendly stalking" of the wedding. We didn't get to see the bride but we had tons of fun :)

This is an angel monument that was all dressed up for the special occasion in downtown Crawford.

Here's a view of just a few of the tv vans that had set up shop on the main drag.This was about as close to Mr. President as I will probably ever get. Actually, he did speak at my BU undergrad graduation when he was Texas governor, I had forgotten.

The sights on the way out to the ranch.
The quintessential Texas barn.Doesn't look like anyone's getting past these guys.
Finally, what we've been waiting for... 5 charter buses carrying the wedding guest to the ranch. If we could have just figure out how to catch a ride we would have been set, oh well.Well, we didn't make it in to the wedding but that didn't stop us from having a whole lot of fun. Thanks EJ for the great time!
Luckily I have recovered from having the Flu this past week. I missed 3 1/2 days of work and when I went in finally on Friday my principal gave me a hug and said she missed me. That made me feel good and I made it though the day pretty well. I have taken all my meds and am hopefully all through with the flu!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Flu

When I think of the flu I think of a winter sickness. I did not think that people could get it in May but I was wrong! I have the Flu, YUCK! I don't remember ever feeling as bad as I have this week. I am definitely maxing out my sick days. I woke up Monday not feeling great but thought I was just tired after a busy weekend. I was in a mtg. all Monday morning and felt worse and worse. When I got back to school I headed straight to the nurse. She took my temp and it was 102.4. I'm not sure my temp has ever been that high. I'm one of those weird people who has a normal body temp of about 97.5. Anyway, nurse Chandler sent me home which was a good thing. That night my temperature hit 103.5 which was a bit scary.
Steve took me to the doctor on Tuesday morning. Dr. Raley said this year's flu had been longer with a different strain than that of the flu shot (which I didn't get anyways). He gave me some meds and said to come home rest and drink plenty of fluids. So, that's what I'm doing. I went to school this afternoon for a bridal shower and may have over done it. I'm lightheaded and dizzy now which doesn't feel very good that's for sure. Here's hoping I feel better soon :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Girls Weekend

This weekend was another one filled with fun family time. Unfortunately Steve is sick. He has bronchitis and has been feeling bad since Wednesday. He went to the doctor on Friday and is on antibiotics and cough meds. Luckily he has one more day of class at BU left before finals begin. Hopefully he will be feeling better so he can get all his grading finished.

While Steve was sick I took advantage of spending time with my mom and sister. Yesterday we went to a movie and had lunch together. We had never been to a movie just the three of us! It was a fun movie and a great girls lunch at Panera Bread (one of my favs). I went to a reception with my parents on Saturday night. It was kinda strange to be with them and not have Steve with me. The reception was outside and it was a perfect evening for it.

Today my mom, sister, and niece Hannah went to a Mother/Daughter tea in Woodway. It was great to spend some more time with the girls. Hannah enjoyed twirling in her dress and showing off her "twin" doll. We had finger sandwiches and yummy punch but no tea, go figure :) It was a wonderful afternoon!