Friday, October 30, 2009

21 Months

The picture is of Emily's room. As you can see it's pretty empty now. She has lots of stuffed animals and books already, that's the teacher in me~ she must have books! I have visions of our little girl in her nursery someday with pink stripes and ladybugs everywhere. It may not be as soon as we want but it will be here sometime. The current referrals had a 44 month waiting period. Some say it will get longer, some say shorter. Only the CCAA knows since they are the ones in control of all the adoptions. So we wait and find lots of things to keep up busy! Fall has been great so far and it seems we've had something besides work going on every day. I'm anxious for cooler weather since that heralds the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great State Fair of Texas

We took advantage of Steve having a Friday off for BU's Fall Break and headed up to the State Fair. This is an annual tradition for us and we enjoy getting to experience all that the state fair has to offer including yummy food (fried of course!), fun animal shows, shopping, and the show at Music Hall. This year Karen and Anna went with us and we enjoyed showing Anna, who is from Germany, around the fair.
One of our favorite shows the bird show. It's always fun to see.
This year we were there for the rabbit judging. This little one is appropriately called a "lion head" rabbit.
Although we didn't try it the big winner in food was Fried Butter ( I don't think so!). There was always a long line to try some out. We did enjoy a corny dog and funnel cake.

Bill Geist, CBS reporter, was there and enjoying some of the same events we did.

We LOVED the fair show this year, Mary Poppins. Steve and I saw the original production in London and thought the US tour was even better!

Big Tex

Karen and Anna
And at the end of the day this is how we felt... full, happy and tired!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

THE Concert

When Steve found out that U2 was going to be in Dallas he knew we had to go. We both thought this was THE BEST concert. I hadn't been to a really big concert like this besides NSYNC (I can't believe I'm admitting to that :). Cheryl and Rich came along and we had tons of fun. The concert was at the new Cowboys stadium which was very cool. Steve even found and wore his Joshua Tree Tour shirt from 1987. Here some pics...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

some house pics

Steve and I waited a little while to hang pictures in the new house. We wanted to make sure they were in the right place but of course I always second guess them once they're on the wall-ugh! We have a ton more to hang but we got a good start. So here a few pictures to show you what we've done so far...
We had to rearrange the dining room due to a vent being blocked by the china cabinet (the things you find out when you get your ducts cleaned). I really liked it the other way but I'm sure I will get used to this arrangement. I'm thinking we are going to paint this room some shade of red but one thing at a time :)

Here's our den. The picture didn't turn out great but you get the idea. The bookcase is filled with some of our favorite pictures. On each side are black and white pictures from our travels to Italy and Paris. We were so pleased at how they turned out! Steve's favorite part of this picture is the new HD tv :)

It only took me 7 years to get my cross wall up! I got my first cross as a wedding gift and have done some collecting since then. We now try to purchase a cross as one of our souvenirs as we travel.
We still have lots of blank walls but the good thing is that we still have lots of pictures to hang. I enjoyed putting our fall decorations out for the beginning of October but I really looking forward to decorating for Christmas.