Sunday, January 31, 2010

new favs

I decided to share a few of my new favs as far as entertainment go.

Thanks to my friend, Freddy, I started watching "Glee" this fall. It's hilarious and the music is very, very good. It's not coming back on till April, thanks to American Idol, so you can catch up on the first 13 episodes before it returns.

I have both Glee soundtracks (yes, even though it's only through half of it's first season there are 2 soundtracks) but really like the 2nd one the best. It's got covers of Cyndi Lauper, Barbara Streisand, and Def Leopard-quite a mix, just to name a few!

I just finished the 3rd "Anne" book. I loved reading when I was growing up but I guess I just missed them along the way. I have enjoyed finally reading these! Karen has the movies which she keeps telling me are great so I'll be watching those soon.

Last week we headed to the movies and saw Leap Year. I loved it! It's just a fun romantic comedy with Amy Adams (who I think is great). We have seen some other movies this winter like Avatar, Up in the Air and When in Rome.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So behind!

I know, I know! I haven't updated my blog in forever. It's not that we haven't been doing things or I don't have things to say it's just... no idea. I do know that I don't have pics to share because I had to trade my laptops again.
Steve and I have been enjoying winter so far. We took a quick trip to Branson, MO right after Christmas that was GREAT! One day I'll post pictures. We are looking onward to visiting Hawaii in late July.
Going to basketball games has kept us busy which is good since that's my favorite sport. January 29, 2010 will mark the 2 year post LID waiting period. I get asked all the time "how much longer" which I don't mind, I just wish I knew :) I am hopeful that things will speed up a little and we won't have to wait 2 more years. I'm looking forward to doing some shopping to celebrate our LID this year :)
Hope all is well, if you have suggestions for Hawaii I'm all ears!