Friday, June 26, 2009

A Sad Day

My granddad, Pablo Segura, passed away early this morning. I was able to see him on Saturday along with all of his 4 kids and 7 grandkids. I am thankful he got to be at home when he died. He had been in the hospital for a few days before but we all knew he wanted to be home.

I am thankful for the legacy he left behind. Family was the most important thing in his life and he made sure that his grandkids knew that. He also always talked about the importance of education as well. He worked very hard to complete his education at a time when it wasn't usual for a Mexican American to go to college. He started college, left to fight in the war, and went back to finish. I know the next few days are going to be difficult but I look forward to remembering who he was.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early birthday

I got to celebrate my birthday a day early this year. Steve has class tomorrow night (bum!) so my parents had us over with Cheryl's family a day earlier. We have had a lot of celebrating this month (I will post more about that later). Anyway, it was a great night with mom making my favorite meal~Chicken Parisian along with fresh snap beans, yummy! I had a great night celebrating my 33rd birthday. I got the gift I was hoping for in a new camera. I'm anxious to learn how to take some great pictures before our trip. My sister asked me a great question tonight "what inspired your photography interest?" For me it was/is traveling. I love taking pictures on our trips and having them as our souvenirs. So, now I have a great new camera to help share those memories.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A "Wicked" Weekend

Karen and I headed down to San Antonio to celebrate our birthdays and enjoy a girls weekend. We stayed on the Riverwalk which was great. It was so nice to be able to come and go from the hotel directly from the Riverwalk. We were also across from a bar which had some fun music which we enjoyed from our balcony. The highlight of the trip was seeing Wicked. This is the 3rd time we have seen it together. I think this company was the best yet! All the actors were so, so good. The theatre was right across the street from our hotel which made for a convenient night. We enjoyed the show and all the other activities including a river cruise and lots of shopping. It was a great summer weekend.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fast and Furious times

(Barring any unforeseen circumstances)
We sold our house and bought a new one! Yes, it's true and things have been crazy ever since. It's a long story but here it is...
We have wanted to sell our house since last summer. We held off since there were 3 houses for sell in our neighborhood already. I really do love our house and it has been perfect for us. My parents got a new dining room table and saved us theirs which is one reason to move, a formal dining room. We also know that sometime with in the next few years we will be getting Emily and I wanted to have her room already and not have to move with her. So, this summer was the time. We contacted our "people" and got things set in motion. We hooked up with a WONDERFUL real estate agent who has been awesome to work with. With the help of my mom and sister we got our house "show ready" and had Linda (our realtor) come over.

On Saturday- May 30th- the sign went in the yard. It was a great feeling knowing it was out there for people to see. I left for El Paso on the 31st for my quick trip. I got a call from Linda on Monday and we had an offer. WHAT!! already an offer? I nearly wreaked the rental car :) I told Linda to call Steve and hammer out the counter-offer. On Tuesday we got the news that the counter-offer was accepted, wow-again! Linda knew a great house had just gone on the market. It was a great deal since the house was back on the market for a 3rd time and under foreclosure. Linda took Steve to see it while I was in El Paso and he went ahead and put a bid on it. What! I hadn't even seen it. He assured me that we were out no money yet and I would get to see it as soon as I get back to Waco.
Our current house ~ Sold Mine!
I got back to town on Tuesday night and immediately headed over to the house with my Mom. We couldn't go in it that night but we did look around and peeked in some windows. I had seen the house back in the fall when it was on the market the first time and thought it was so cute! On Wednesday I had to work (it was the longest day!) and then got to see the house after school. I LOVED it (no pressure though knowing our bid was accepted). Steve was off to class and Linda showed me 6 more homes for sale so I could make a real choice. I called the family, of course! They approved it hands down and I signed the papers for Linda. So by Wednesday night our house was sold and we had our new one in the works. I'm already anxious to have people over to the new place and ready to get busy with decorating.
Our new home!!
Now for all the fun paperwork, yuck! The homes have been inspected and things look good from that stand point. If things continue as they should we will close on our current house June 30th. Then rent it from the new owners for a few days as the new house closing is on July 8th. To make matters a little more crazy we leave for Colorado on the 10th. So we will have about a day and a half to move in (don't worry friends we are hiring movers :)
I can't believe things worked out so perfectly and fast. I was prepared for it to be on the market for awhile but God knew our schedule! Now onto the fun of packing. It's going to be a fast and furious few weeks!

Love it!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Going back in time - picture overload!

The past few days have been filled with fun and excitement. A few months ago my mom got an email about my former elementary school's 50th anniversary. She told me about it and instantly I told her we needed to go. Mom taught at the school for 10 yrs. and so I knew not only my teachers but all the teachers on campus. Since my mom is a great hostess we always had teachers coming over. I knew that it would be fun to go back to elementary school. Mom wasn't too sure but after looking through pictures I finally talked her into going.

25 years ago when I was in 2nd grade Putnam Elementary School celebrated it's 25th anniversary hence the 50th now. I was in 2nd grade, Ms. Sledge's class. I can still remember the excitement of the day that a time capsule was buried. I couldn't remember what we had put in it but I did remember thinking, "I will be 32 and WILL be here when it is opened". Well, I was there!! The school planned a fun program, reception and picnic to celebrate. My mom and I flew in to El Paso on Sunday and looked forward to the fun...
Here's a view of the Sun City from the plane. It's a LOT different than Waco, not too many trees but lots of rocks and mountains.
This is the house I grew up in. It was a great house and when we lived there it had a huge tree in front along with rocks and a cactus.
Here they are putting the time capsule in 25 years ago, love the knee socks :)

Here is the time capsule now. The date on the end is May 4, 1984. Each May we celebrated Putnam Pride Day complete with a parade around the neighborhood. The school looked pretty much the same although everything seemed a little smaller through my adult eyes.
Here's what my class put in the time capsule.

Yep, even back in 2nd grade I knew I wanted to be a mom :) That's me on the end by the flag pole.

We were a technologically advanced school back then and had a VHS tape in the capsule. Best part is the it worked! It was so fun seeing former teachers and students!!

Here I am with my former PE and 6th grade math teacher.

This is my 1st grade teacher. I remember being across the hall from my mom and leaning back in my chair to see into her room.

Here I am with my AMAZING kindergarten teacher, not just because her name is Cindy too. I still remember learning with the "letter people" and just having so much fun in her class. She looks the same and has managed not to age a bit. She helped organize a luncheon after the opening of the time capsule which was fabulous! She has been at my elementary school for 32 years and is the only one still there from the 25th anniversary.

Here I am in Kindergarten with my principal, Mr. Y. Oh, how I loved Mr. Y! I didn't have to see him to often since I tried to stay out of trouble (for the most part)!

Here we are again 27 years later!

Mom and I had a great time visiting and reliving some of the past!