Monday, October 29, 2007

What's wrong with this picture

We had lots of fun celebrating with the boys this weekend. Jacob played his final flag football game and had a great pizza celebration. Andrew's team will continue to play for a few more weeks. The playoffs start in two weeks. Playoffs, go figure! I was shocked to actually see my maroon bleeding dad in the longhorn shirt but he pulled it off well.
The rest of the weekend was spent with me sitting upright trying to fend off allergies. I guess spending Friday and Saturday outside did me in. Oh, let the allergy season begin! I have my kleenex and vaseline handy so hopefully I will survive :)
Bonus for today is that the school kids are at home and we have meetings all day. Of course, for a teacher it is really hard to sit and listen. I hope the day goes quickly!

Friday, October 26, 2007

home study finished!

YEA!!! We now have our completed and notarized home study. It feels great to know that step is completed. Now it is time to figure out what comes next in our adoption process. Don't worry I am on top of things. We have to send in the I-600A to CIS in Houston. FedEx here I come.
This week has been great with some cool weather finally making it feel like fall. We always 'celebrate' the lower temps by making taco soup on that first cold night. Oh how I love taco soup :) After being under the weather all weekend it was nice to feel good again and enjoy fall.

This was another great baby week. I was honored to meet the newest member of the Taylor family, Mason. He is just precious!! I also got to spend some good time with Walker, the new son of the Williams. I love being around all of these babies! I love knowing that one day our child will have wonderful friends like these. There seems to be a ton of boys coming recently. Looks like our Sunday School will have there own soccer/football/baseball team!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

good fall things

I thought of another reason I enjoy fall so much last night. Steve came home with several new Christmas CDs. You are probably thinking... Christmas, a little early for that! Well, true enough we won't start playing the new CDs until later on but it is just fun to know they are out there, on store shelves. In Waco Christmas comes during fall (or what seems like fall since it doesn't get very cold) so I consider fall lasting until January. Here some of our new CDs to add to our Christmas collection. I am especially excited b/c Michael W. Smith is doing a concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra the first week in December. I can't wait!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

cooler please!

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp cool mornings and breezy afternoons. Although it is the middle of October, well almost the middle, I still haven't gotten the fall feeling. I have noticed leaves on the ground but they are green leaves, no pretty colors yet. Of course, in Waco we don't get a whole lot of changing colors but we usually get some. I guess I will have to continue to wait on the fall season to get here. I have put out my fall decorations in hope that the weather will figure things out!
It was wonderful last night to hear the rain and thunder. Although I am not a big fan of Thunderstorms what it brought with it was much needed. Looks like it is going to be in the 80s most of the week so that is a good sign that fall is on the way.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Field Trip #1

One of my favorite things about my job is the chance to go on field trips with most grade levels. My principal likes to have as many adults as possible on the field trip which makes a lot of sense. Kids can sometimes 'act a fool' when away from school :) If you can imagine... over 100 5-6 year olds with lots of things to see and things they want to touch, wow! I went with the kindergarten kids to the HOT fair to see the milking demonstration. The kids get a chance to see some animals and watch milk come from a cow. The farmer who works with the cow (Sister) is super funny and the kids are in awe of seeing the milk. We did have a new experience this year when a pig that was being taken to show ran away from his owner and towards the kids. If you have never heard a pig squeal it is quite an experience and very, very loud. I was just as scared as the kids. All turned out okay and the pig got to his show, although he didn't seem very happy about that. I love this last pic with the little girl waving to the bull, too cute!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A "Fair" weekend

Corny title I know... Steve, me, and my great friend Karen spent Friday afternoon at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. What a fun day!! It was very hot which made for a tiring afternoon but we still managed to see a lot and enjoy our share of fried food. I am always amazed at what they can come up with to fry. The new thing this year was fried cookie dough, last year was fried coke. We didn't try it so I can't say how it was. Kinda makes me feel nauseous even thinking about it.

Friday night was our last show of the Dallas Summer Musicals season. We ended on a high note with Disney's Lion King. I was lucky enough to see the show in New York with my great friend Keith and thoroughly enjoyed it the 2nd time. I am amazed at the creativeness that some people possess. To come up with costumes, music, choreography, and so much that goes into putting on a show. We are looking forward to the 2008 season already.

We enjoyed some football this weekend but not the college kind (I heard the BU game was not pretty, guess it's okay we missed it). We enjoyed watching my nephew, Jacob, play flag football. It is fun to see the kids and their excitement of the game. Another great thing about having my sister back in Waco is the chance to see the kids playing their sports. Hannah hasn't had a dance recital yet but we will be there when she does. It is great preparation for when our daughter is in sports and such.

I wrapped the weekend up by singing in our church choir. We did a program for morning worship. I have really enjoyed being back in choir this year and have some good friends to sing along with. I also had the awesome opportunity to meet the newest member of the William's family, Walker. He is the precious new son to our friends Forrest and EJ. It was wonderful to hold him and celebrate with mom and dad.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

College Night

Last night I worked at H.O.T college fair. 15 years ago I attend as a junior in high school. It was funny to think about how much time has past since I was a student trying to decide what my future might hold and then working the same event. I remember going with Andrea and feeling so grown-up as we looked around at the different colleges. Who knew at that time the incredible college experience I would have at Baylor. At the time I had decided I would not be going to BU and instead wanted to spread my wings. God is amazing and taught me that I could spread my wings and learn a lot even being in Waco. I feel lucky to have Steve working at Baylor as it keeps my ties close. Steve's college colors day pic is now being featured on the BU athletics website