Sunday, March 23, 2014

Journey: Spring Break 2014 (a little late)

The hotel had popcorn out each
afternoon- David's dream come true!
It doesn't feel like spring right now in Waco, it's very chilly and rainy. We're so ready for spring!! Makes for a lazy day and we don't have many of these days! We had an awesome time during spring break this year. We were excited to take our first family vacation with just the three of us and just because we could! We decided that San Antonio had lots of things to do that we would all enjoy.
We left on Sunday after church. David napped a little in the car and so did mommy! We stayed at a Drury Inn near Fiesta Texas. We had never stayed at a Drury Inn but we definitely will again! We checked in, unpacked a little and went down for their "kick back" snack. What a snack! It served as a perfect dinner for us and David had his favorites- chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and chips! We spent the rest of the evening at the pool. I specifically choose this hotel since it had an indoor pool. David LOVES swimming and we had a wonderful time!
Monday we spent at Sea World. We took a picture with the Shamu character and David wasn't really sure if he was happy or not! We talked a lot about the big whale throughout the day. We watched the sea lion show and a pet show featuring dogs and cats. David enjoyed seeing the animals doing tricks though he didn't want to pet the big dog after the show! We rode a few rides and had lunch before seeing the penguins and the Shamu show. We weren't sitting too close but still managed to get a BIG splash from Shamu. David was not amused at all! It was a cool day so we dried off quickly and went off to see the dolphins and sharks. David was scared of the sharks at first and was hanging onto our hands very tightly! He eventually decided he was safe and went closer for a better inspection. It had started raining so we headed back to the hotel for dinner and more swimming. The biggest hit of the day was the bubble gun he got. He loves his bubbles!

Not so sure about this Shamu character!
On Tuesday we started off the morning with a trip to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Park. It's a drive through safari park. We saw lots of neat animals up close and personal. David really like pointing out the different animals. We had a scary encounter with a hungry ostrich! Darn thing took all our food! David did not like it at all! We ended our time there with a quick trip to the petting zoo and some up close time with some baby goats. We then headed to the zoo where there was a train. What we didn't know is that everyone else in San Antonio had the same idea!!! There was crazy traffic getting in but once we were there we found that we didn't have to go into the zoo to ride the train. David is now a train enthusiast! He loved saying "choo choo" and "all aboard". The train goes through a lovely park and we enjoyed the trip. From there we headed to the Riverwalk and David's first river boat ride. He enjoyed being on the boat and lucky for mom and dad the weather was very nice. We also had dinner at my favorite restaurant on the river. It was a lovely day!
captivated by the pet show
Our last day in San Antonio we spent the day at Fiesta Texas. We checked online to see if there were rides for David and found there were many. By the end of the day he had been on 18 different rides and a few multiple times. His favorite was the train (no surprise), the planes and the tea cups. He loves to go and go! We were there almost 9 hours- wow! David did great with no nap and we all slept really well that night!
We headed back home on Thursday and enjoyed spending the rest of the week playing and running errands. It was so nice to have so time to relax and be together!! David is a such a happy child and always ready to go and do and have fun! Spring break definitely made me long for the summer! We already have the Segura family trip planned~ a cruise!

the end of a long day!
 Tuesday~ Safari park, zoo train, and Riverwalk

"Choo choo"

A treat at the end of a long day- watching Super Why on the ipad
 Wednesday~ Fiesta Texas

A FABULOUS trip together!!