Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer is almost here

Only 4 1/2 days left at school! Not that I'm counting down or anything. For me it's only 2 1/2 days since I will be out Monday and Tuesday... more on that later.
We made our annual trek down to Houston for Memorial Day. It was a wonderful weekend and we got to do and see a lot!
My granddad turns 92 this week, WOW! He is doing pretty good and it was wonderful to see him as well as my cousin, aunt and uncle. We always enjoy spending time catching up!
The guys (and me) enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of baseball. The Astros played the Rangers so it was a good Texas game, although the Astros lost. I don't like baseball but being at the field is always fun.
We checked out a new exhibit at the natural science museum, Terra Cotta Warriors. These have fascinated me since I learned about them a few years ago. It was great to get a little Chinese history under our belts before we go over there. We got some awesome books to share with Emily.

This is a small sampling of the boxes we have already filled from our house. The realtor came yesterday. She gave us some tips and lucky for me my mom and sister watch HGTV and had already gotten us ready. If you know anyone who is looking for a 3/2 home in Hewitt send them our way :) Thank goodness my parents have a big garage that they have let us start filling.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thank You

Thank You to all the men and women who have served our country and continue to serve our country today. THANK YOU for keeping us safe and for all you do for our country!

Saying good-bye

As much as I look forward to Steve finishing his spring semester at Baylor (so he can do my honey-do list) it is always sad to say good-bye to some special students. This year, like many years past, my parents had international students who they "adopted" while at Baylor. This year we had two very special girls from China. It is always interesting to visit and learn more about each other and how our lives are different and the same. I love introducing them to our lives and sharing time with them. The best thing is that we keep in contact even after they go back to China. It's especially exciting to think that we will hopefully catch up with a few past students from China when we visit to get Emily.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Goings On

I noticed I haven't been blogging lately. Not really sure why except things are going along fine. Nothing too exciting but yet things continue to move along.. Our homestudy was Saturday and it went great. Just a lot of saying "no change" to what we did the first time.

Mother's Day was a fun weekend that started at school. On Friday some kids decorated cakes for their moms. HEB helps us so much with this project. Over 400 cakes later I was very glad I had worn an apron b/c I had icing all over! It was fun though!!
We celebrated Mother's Day on Saturday night since Cheryl was leaving on a business trip on Sunday. This year Cheryl and I made my mom a book that had my grandmother's sayings. It was fun to work on and find pictures. We had to be covert with the picture scanning but we pulled it off.

We ended Mother's Day at a late night movie which we never do together. We ended up at a terrible movie but it was fun to spend time together.

This week I have 3 field trips, love the end of the year. Today I was with a few 5th grade girls and Kim Mulkey spoke. I was so excited and she did a great job. She's a great speaker!
So that's what we've been up to. Steve got a shot in his back today to help relieve some pain. Hopefully it will work and he will be back to full speed soon.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tea Time

Yesterday was a fun filled afternoon with the ladies of the family. My mom, sister, niece and I all attended the Mother-Daughter tea held at the Arboretum in Woodway. Last year was our first year and we knew it should be an annual event. It is fun to be dressed up and have time with just "the girls". There were lots of people there and it was fun to drink punch (no tea at the tea, hmmm) and eat "girly" food. There was a doll parade for the little girls in which Hannah enjoyed showing off her new American Girl doll. I look forward to making this event when Emily is here. I'm also going to be on the lookout for a cute hat to wear next year.