Friday, February 29, 2008

LID one month

Today is our 1 month LID (log in date) anniversary. The symbol is the number one in Chinese (I think)!! That means one month closer to going to China which makes me very happy! I am trying to think of something to do each month to "celebrate" it passing. I think I am going to get an item for Emily's nursery. I have selected a theme or colors yet but maybe something fun (although I am thinking ladybugs). I have already started her collection of books. Since I was a 1st grade teacher my child will never have to worry about having something to read :)
Today was an inservice day at school which was spent collaborating with fellow teachers. It was a good day to reflect and relax before TAKS next week. I know my co-workers are at a breaking point getting ready for this state test and we are all anxious for Wednesday to get here. For all you Texas educators out there enjoy a calm, relaxing weekend! For those of you who don't know what TAKS is be VERY glad :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

SING 2008

Oh the fun of Baylor SING! If you aren't a BU grad you might have missed out on this exciting event. I was lucky enough to participate my sophomore year. One year was enough for me :) I remember going with my big, Jill, to the many practices and performances. It was such a high to be on stage with friends singing and dancing our hearts out! The amount of work that these students go through is amazing, just amazing! They now do 6 performances over 2 weekends, wow! It's like watching 16 mini (7 minute) Broadway musicals.
This year there were several great acts. I have always liked the acts with guys and girls and this year there was a great one. How they got so many people one stage is a wonder. Tri Delta was great, as always :) with a fun Christmas theme. I look forward to seeing who makes it to Pigskin. It was a late night for sure but worth it for the fun!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Log In Date

Finally, one step closer to getting Emily. We got word today that our "official" log in date in China was January 29th. This is the date we will use as we track our dossier in China. Our agency has been fabulous at educating us and helping us as we wait. Right now the CCAA (Chinese Center of Adoption Affairs) is giving referrals to those logged in Nov/Dec. 2005. That kinda puts the wait in perspective. Those families getting to see their child for the first time have been waiting since 2005! WOW!!! The rumor is that after the summer Olympics things should speed up, we shall see. We are just excited to have a real date to follow.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

feeling yucky

I hate being sick. Unfortunately the last two days I have been feeling under the weather. I don't know if it the beginning of the flu or what, it isn't fun that's what I know. I have gotten lots done around the house which is nice and my lessons are ready for the week (TAKS prep, oh fun). I complained in a former post about the writer's strike and missing my old shows. The good news is that I found a new one that is too funny. Mickey (my sister-in-law) has loved Monk from the very beginning. She has encouraged us to watch it and for some reason I never did. Recently Steve started DVRing it. He now has the first 3 seasons on dvd. So I have started watching the show. It is so smart and clever. I love that the detective, Monk, is obsessive compulsive. He is way too funny to watch. So, if you need a new show to watch check out Monk on the USA network.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For the 100th time...

Today was one of those days... I woke up with some yucky eye infection. I decided that I should stay home and head to my eye doctor. His office was nice enough to let me come in before they opened. The diagnosis, a random and contagious eye infection. My doctor said I could have picked it up anywhere, school more than likely, and gave me some antibiotic drops. Hopefully those will help and I will be right as rain tomorrow.
I did enjoy a nice day off though. It was nice to have to be at home without really feeling sick. I had planned to catch up on all the laundry and such. Oh the best laid plans :) After one load something happened with the hose from the wall to the washer. My dad checked things out and determined that a plumber would have to be called. They will be out tomorrow and hopefully things will get fixed without too great an expense, oh water problems...

On a happier note I am watching my fav movie for the 100th time, Pride and Prejudice. It might not actually be the 100th time but it certainly seems that way :) Steve teaches on Wednesday night and usually I am at bible study and choir but with being contagious... Anyway, I am enjoying the movie again. I think I could watch it over and over. A little silly I know but that's me :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun, Fun Party

My sister did an amazing job at hosting the 2nd annual Gochis Family Chinese New Year Party, this time in Waco. We had over 40 people enjoy yummy food, fun fellowship and fun activities. It was great to have my parents international student, Faye, to help us get the real meaning of the New Year. The little girls who were there were too cute and gave me a fun glimpse into the future :) Enjoy the pics :)

How fun are these cupcakes?!? This was one
idea from Martha Stewart that we liked.

Another of Cheryl's awesome and yummy
cakes, I thought the dragon was cute :)

My family plus Faye

One of the activities for the kids to
work on, Chinese lanterns.

The Dragon Dance, the little girls
loved participating.

Faye and Sarah wrote the kids names in Chinese.Emily is the name we have chosen for our little girl :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year. Since we will soon (okay 3 years isn't soon but...) have a little girl from China we decided to start celebrating the culture. One fun way to do that is to celebrate new holidays. My sister's family has been doing this a few years and now it is time to join the fun. I am looking forward to learning much, much more about Chinese culture as we wait. I know they have specific customs when it comes to the New Year. My parents international students from China have done a great job at educating us.
To mark this special day we are having dinner at a local Chinese restaurant with the whole family. It should be lots of fun. I also plan on adding to our collection of books about China with a trip to Barnes and Noble. On Sunday my sister is hosting a New Year party and I can't wait for that! She has lots of fun things planned including a dragon dance :) Don't worry I will take lots of pics. By the way, 2008 is the year of the rat.
Happy New Year!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super fun!

We, like most of the nation, enjoyed a super football game last night. I am not too into football unless teams playing are ones I "care" about (BU or my nephews teams). It ended up being an exciting game and we did our fair share of cheering and yelling. My principal was glad to see me this morning since we have 8 people out today (too much super bowl partying?).
It has become a tradition to have some friends over to watch the big game. We try to pack as much junk food as we can into one night :) It is fun to watch the commercials and decide which ones we remember when the game is over (not too many, hmmm). This is one night when I am really glad we have a DVR. We talked and munched for awhile as friends were arriving and then fast-forwarded through the first part of the game, actually stopping to watch the commercials. Totally opposite of what we usually do. We celebrated a birthday as well. My sister made a great cake to help us celebrate. It was a great ending to a fabulous weekend!!