Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where's my Ugly Betty?!?

Okay so the writers strike is now starting to bug me. I don't watch many tv shows every week but I do like a few. One of my favs is Ugly Betty. I think it is too cute and so, so funny. Now with the strike I am left hanging. I went to check out the guide on my dvr and no new show, Lost is on instead. I know lots of people like Lost but really is it as good as Ugly Betty? (no hate mail please :) As for the writer's I do think something needs to be worked out, they should get paid for what they do but come on... I want my show back! Just think this is the first week with no new show, what will it be like when I go a month or more :) Guess it gives me time for blogging :)

Can't believe it is the last day of January. Scary how fast 2008 is already moving. January was a great month with lots of fun with friends and family. Last weekend we caught up on basketball with three games. We made it to my nephew, Andrew's, game and then went to both BU games. They were fun and I am looking forward to many more this weekend. Luckly the BU vs. UT game is on TV, GO BEARS!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

27 dresses Cindy style

Okay, so I haven't been in nearly 27 weddings (just 6 as a bridesmaid and 6 in the house party) but I loved, loved the movie so much I thought it would be fun to remember the ones I have been a part of. Let me say first of all that I LOVE weddings and to get to be a part of someone special day is awesome. Maybe that is why I am a wedding day coordinator for some friends. I can't wait to help the bride on her special day. I can also say that the weddings I have been in as a bridesmaid have been lots of fun. The dresses were never over the top (if you see the movie you will understand) just fun Texas weddings. When I had the idea to blog about this I had to go through lots and lots of pictures. I have spent the past few days going down memory lane and what a great time it was. I am so thankful that my mom is so organized with all her pictures that finding some were easier than others.

My first wedding that I was in, my sister's. I love the pink :) :)
I am so lucky to have Cheryl living so close by now!

I looked and looked for a picture with Stephanie with no luck!
I did shorted this dress and wear again :) Stephanie has
three busy boys that keep her on the move.

Kerri and I toured
Europe together back in '98.
She has a little boy and twin girls now :)

My big sis in Tri Delta, Jill, and Robin. Jill is mom to 2 boys and
is expecting her third!

Andrea lives in Waco which is wonderful. She is mom
to precious Lindsay (see Dec. post).

Jennie and I work together and get to see one another
every day, how fun is that!
I decided to include my own fabulous day! I think everyone looks
great, my fav color! Aren't they glad I wasn't in my
pink phase yet :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures. If you get a chance go see 27 Dresses it is too cute, especially if you like romantic comedies and weddings.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

6 years ago...

On January 20, 2002 I met my husband for the first time. It all started over a cup of Starbucks hot cocoa (I don't like coffee) and as they say the rest is history. Isn't it awesome to know that God has perfect timing for everything. It was His perfect time for us to meet. Who knew that a date to Kappa Sigma Koffee (as a sponsor no less) would last this long :) Thanks to Shelly who gave Steve my name and suggested he call me first to see if I wanted to go. He assured Shelly that this was just a one time thing, that he needed a date for this event and that would be it. On a random note... Shelly also introduced me to my first friend in Waco, Cari. Shelly is a good person to know!!!

I like to call this our anniversary, our first of two. Steve always looks at me funny and wonders how I remember dates like this. Kinda like how I remember exactly what I was wearing on that first Starbucks meeting and what I was wearing the night we first kissed. Weird and corny but that's why he loves me :) Okay enough of the sappy stuff!
The pic is the first one I have of us together. It was taken at my friend, Jessica's, wedding in April '02. I coordinated the wedding which was great fun. At the wedding Steve met my parents for the first time. No pressure... make sure bride gets down aisle, oh and introduce mom and dad to the man you are seriously dating. What was I thinking?!? Anyway, the first picture we took was actually at the Kappa Sig party and was a Flash pic. I didn't order it and now really, really wish I had. Little did I know then what I know now :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paperchase is OVER!!!!

YEAH!!! We sent in the 2nd mailer yesterday. We were waiting on a document from Homeland Security. We got the form back Monday and we got on the ball to send things in yesterday. The picture of the paperwork doesn't seem like a lot but trust me if it was as large as the number of hours it took to get everything it would be huge!! As my mom said "it takes a village to adopt a child" and it is so true. My sister has helped so much with her reassuring and calming talks. Whenever I called in a panic she told me everything would be okay and reminded me that God had an incredible plan for us and our family. I loved having her go over things to make sure they were okay. Cheryl also helped pick out what pictures we sent in and wrote the captions. My parents international student, Faye, translated the captions into Chinese so the people reading our application will understand more about our life in Waco. My mom has done so, so much from helping me run errands to being a great supporter and cheerleader. We couldn't have finished things without their help! Steve and I are so lucky to have amazing friends and family who have prayed for us and our little girl. THANK YOU!! We are so excited!!!
Of course with me there is always going to be something... I got an email this afternoon that one document I sent in was wrong. I had listed my birthday incorrectly, OOPS! I met Steve one more time to get it notarized again. The guy who has been notarizing our stuff has been very helpful as well. He made us laugh a lot today which was great, I needed that :) Off to FedEx I went and $20 later the form should get there tomorrow.
So we are done for now. Now we wait... and wait... and wait. One frustrating thing is that we will probably have to do most of the paperwork over again after our first 18 months of waiting. At least we will know more of what to do :) In the meantime we are going to work on having lots of fun and enjoying being a twosome for now. I will let you know when we have a LID (log in date, very important!).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Perks

So as a BU professor or staff one of the perks is getting into basketball games for free. That is a great perk especially when you have a ranked team to go see (womens #8). The sad part is we just haven't taken advantage of this perk very much. Last year we only went to one men's game. So yesterday we took advantage. What fun it was. It was the Big 12 opener against Iowa State. The men won!! We were very excited. I like basketball so much better than football. 2 hours, I can handle that much better than a football game that usually last more than 4 hours, yuck. Don't even get me started on baseball :) Anyway, that game was great and we are hoping to get to more games this year. Go Baylor Bears!!!

There are perks and then there are not so good things as well. This year Steve and I don't have the same spring break. I know I shouldn't complain as most working people don't get a week off in the middle of March to begin with but I will. Baylor set their spring break and then my district (in all it's wisdom) set ours for a week after to get max teaching days before TAKS. Goodness!! Last year during spring break we went to London a few years ago we went to Vegas. So we try to make the most of our spring breaks. Anyway, this year we will be traveling on our own. Steve and his brother are going to take a quick break somewhere and me and some school friends are planning a cruise. So you can see we are still try to take advantage of our time off :) Too bad we won't be traveling together.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Windy City

We made it back from the land of snow and cold. We had a wonderful trip to Chicago. It was WONDERFUL. Steve and I LOVE to travel so this was a great treat. Many people had asked why in the world we would go to Chicago during the winter. I guess it's because when I think of Chicago I think of cold weather, people bundled up, and snow. Well, we got to experience a true Chicago (at least for the first two days). There was snow on the ground and it was very cold. I got very good at bundling up before we went outside. We got to eat some great deep dish pizza and see lots of fun sights. So here are some pics, enjoy!

The skyline of Chicago. Notice the snow :)

We saw Jersey Boys. It was WONDERFUL!!!

THANKS CAYCE! Cayce lives in Chicago and gave me some great tips for what to do and where to eat. It was so fun to see her and catch up on all she is doing.

Gino's East pizza, the BEST!

These are a very few of the more than 200 pics I took. I am already working on my Shutterfly book of our trip. Now onto planning our next trip.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

We just returned home from a great trip to Dallas and Amarillo. It was a wonderful start to the New Year! Here are a few pics...
Me and Amy celebrating her first child at her baby shower in Dallas. She now lives in Valdosta, GA so it was great to see her while she was visiting Texas.
We had a great dinner with Freddy while in Dallas. Freddy and I lived in the same apartment complex while I was in grad school and he was doing his undergrad. We spent lots of fun times together!! It was great to remember our 'porch talks'.
Theses are some yummy cupcakes Freddy gave me. Cupcakes seem to be the "in" thing this year and these were yummy!

Okay, random pic for the new year... A "Safety Rest Area" on 287 on our way to Amarillo. I like to see our tax money go to something good like this. Very clean facilities and wi-fi inside. There is even a big playground for the those poor kids who have been couped in a car for too many hours.At the New Year celebration; Steve, his dad, and his sister. It was great to be with his family to begin the new year!

With our traditional bottle of sparkling grape juice. I LOVE it!
Us with Matt and Bev (Steve's nephew). They are always wonderful host of the New Year's Eve party. I love hanging out with them and their precious kids while we are in Amarillo.

We stayed with Mickey and Kirby while in Amarillo. It was great to see them and get to spend time with them!!

We are off for a quick trip to Chicago tomorrow. Looks like no snow while we are there but I am sure it will be very cold. We are excited to visit a city both Steve and I haven't really experienced!