Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Super Shot

Steve had his first steroid shot this afternoon. It was a much bigger deal than I originally thought. He had to go to a surgery center and sign off on all sorts of papers. The doctor was very, very nice and had lots of encouraging words to share. Dr. Schwartze used to work at Baylor. The procedure only took about 20 mins. but it was a long 20 mins for me in the waiting room, I'm sure it was longer for Steve. We are glad it is over and are hoping for great results. Steve probably won't know for a few days if the shot actually worked. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

1 comment:

Texas Mom said...

Are you SURE they gave Steve a steroid shot? He looks TOO HAPPY in this picture!!! Hope everything works out.

PS) Nice shower cap! ;-)