Monday, August 11, 2014

Journey: We have a 3 Year Old!!

We decorated our cabin door!
How time flies! It is hard to believe that we have a 3 year old!! David loved celebrating his birthday (more than once)! He loves to sing Happy Birthday and we've heard him singing the birthday song after we've put him to bed~ it's so sweet!! He went to the doctor this week and has grown this year! David now weighs 29.5 lbs, he is 37.5 inches and his heart is healthy! Here are some of his favorites at 3: David loves Thomas the Train, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, blocks, playing outside, throwing, riding his tryke, and hopping. He loves to sing and dance and has several favorite songs to sing including the "a,b,c, song", "if you're happy and you know it", and "wheels on the bus". During VBS his teacher told me each day that music was his favorite! I'm excited that our church offers music for 3 year olds on Wednesday nights. 
He still loves chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and hot dogs. We're still working on eating his veggies. He ate a spoonful of corn tonight which we celebrated! One of his favorite things is our Friday night pizza and movie nights. He loves Frozen (what kid doesn't), Toy Story and Cars. He would watch those three each week if we let him! David loves time with family and had a wonderful time in Amarillo and Lubbock with family he doesn't get to see often enough. Drew, Jacob and Hannah are his favorite people to be with and he wishes they all lived with us. He talks about going back to school and playing with his friends. I'm glad he enjoys it and misses his classmates.
David's actual birthday was celebrated on the last day of our cruise (another post). We decorated the room and he woke up and said "it's my birthday"!! Carnival hosted a special Green Eggs and Ham breakfast and David thought they did it just for him. The breakfast was lots of fun and Sam I Am sang Happy Birthday to David. We swan the morning away and after nap there was a movie at the pool~Frozen (thank you Carnival)!! At dinner we had presents and birthday cake. It was an awesome third birthday for an amazing little boy!!

David loved the Green Eggs. He didn't like the Ham part :)

A Birthday Parfait!

My silly boys!

He was captivated by Frozen at the pool!

Read to blow out the candles!

Cabin decorations

Gotta have cupcakes!
We wanted him to celebrate with friends too so he had a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" birthday party on Saturday. We used the pool at Baylor again and are so glad for perks :) Since he enjoys playing and watching Jake we decided a pirate birthday party would be a perfect swim party. All the kids enjoyed playing in the pool! They enjoyed hats and making spy glasses. Hannah was a big hit with her balloon swords. My creative sister made a fantastic "Bucky" cake from the show. It was great!! It was a wonderful day!

Pirate David!

AWESOME Bucky cake!

Pirate Hannah ready to pass out treats!

Watching the special candle all the from China!

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