Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Milan seems to us the NYC of Italy. There were lots of tall buildings which we didn't see too much of in Florence or Rome. The train station was crazy busy with people coming from and going to places all over Europe. Although there were probably lots of things to see we spent less than 24 hrs. in the city.
After our time in Milan Steve and I decided we could compete in Amazing Race. We had an hour and a half to find and get to our hotel, get to a metro station, figure out the metro system, get to our stop, and find the Last Supper church (which is a pretty small church). Not only did we accomplish this but we did it in an hour! We were proud of ourselves and very happy since I had already purchased the tickets and they were non-refundable. It was a fun night!
da Vinci's Last Supper - Obviously this is not an actual picture of the Last Supper taken from my camera. Once again, no pictures in the church. I decided to give you just a little taste.

Santa Maria delle Grazie - This is the church the houses the Last Supper where da Vinci painted his masterpiece. It was once a monastery. There were so many interesting things to learn about the actually painting including the fact that the monks who lived here once painted over it in hopes of preservation. The painting is just a shadow of what it once was but it was still fascinating to see in person. Just an FYI if you are planning on visiting there, reservations are required and only a certain number are available each day.

Inside Milan Cathedral - An amazing Gothic masterpiece. It is actually the largest Gothic cathedral and the second largest Catholic cathedral in the world.

Outside of Milan Cathedral - Wow! What an amazing thing to see. It seems to be the center of Milan and everything radiates from this piazza and church. It took over 500 yrs. to complete the entire church with many different people in charge including Napoleon.

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