Friday, January 9, 2009

The Other stuff

Now you know about all the city's we visited but what about all the other stuff... food, hotels, and people. First things first, most the people we met we very kind. They helped us with our very limited Italian, we only had a phrase book (thanks Cari). One thing I noticed about Italians is that almost all of them were dressed very nicely wherever they were going. How those ladies walk on cobblestone in high heel shoes I don't know!
We got very lucky with our hotels. I was a little worried about booking them sight unseen but that's how it goes. I think we got pretty good deals although I was willing to pay a little more for having a private bathroom, not matter how small they were :)
Hotel Bellini, Venice

I'm not sure if I want to eat Italian food again soon although we did have some great meals. If you know me you know I stuck to things I knew like pizza. One dish I did try that was yummy was spaghetti cabanara which is made with butter, egg, and bacon - how could it not be good. I've had something like it here but not quite the same. Steve tried some different things and especially enjoyed the soup in Florence.
This made me laugh, m&m products in Italy

One thing we really enjoyed was our train travel. Europe has a great train system! It was nice to have a little time to enjoy the scenery. Our favorite trip was from Milan to Florence where we got to see some beautiful snow. We also saw lots of grape vines as well. As I mentioned before the getting to and from were horrible but we got there and back so that's the important part.

This is the luggage we lugged all around Italy.

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