Sunday, November 25, 2012

Journey: to a room

For so long now we've had any empty bedroom upstairs- well it does have a rocking chair, books, and some stuff animals but that's it- it looked sad! So now that we have David on the way we need to get busy!
We took advantage of some deals this weekend and started filling it up!
We've picked out a crib (I think) and will paint during the Christmas holidays. I've been eyeing some cubical shelves and got those for a great price- so worth waking up at 5am! During our shopping we also got David some toys :) It was very hard not to buy every fun toy out there but I tried to hold myself back! I did buy something for his birthday- I like planning ahead :) We went ahead and bought "Elf on the Shelf" as well. I've seen so many ideas on Pintrest that I knew we would be starting that tradition with David. We now have a chest for his clothes as well- progress!

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