Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journey: David's Room

Taken from the hallway
 We worked on David's room this weekend since we were hosting Home Group- nothing like people coming over to get you in gear! Steve built the bookshelves and we had fun putting David's books and stuffed animals inside.
Above David's crib is one of my favorite quotes. It was really hard to put up and I hope it stays on the wall!

Love this quote, so excited to have it above his crib!
Some friends and family are working on Alphabet letters to hang above the dresser. I can't wait to have all the letters up- it's going to look great! I have a really great friend from school who cut out all the letters and had friends over to decorate some letters this week- pictures coming soon!
So, David's room is almost finished and now we just need to get to China to bring him home!

Taken from the bathroom

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