Thursday, February 14, 2013

One more step is complete!!!! We are closer and closer to traveling to China!! Our I800 was approved by the National Benefits Center, USCIS. This is the approval for us to adopt David. The next step is the approval to be sent to the National Visa Center who will send our approvals to China. On the handy dandy chart we've gotten to #9 and #10 should happen within the next week. #15 is travel, so we still have a few more steps. I can't remembe whose blog I got this chart off but I love it!!
I was hoping this Valentine's Day would include some pictures of David with his most recent care package but we will have to wait and pray that the package actually got to him.
I am very happy to remember that 11 years ago I had recently met this really awesome guy and we were going to see Sing the next night. On Valentine's day 2002 he came over with a giant stuffed Eeyore and made my night- Love you Steve!!!! 

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Crystal said...

So sweet! It's really exciting to follow your journey to David through your blog! :)