Thursday, December 26, 2013

Journey: Christmas part 1

What a wonderful Christmas this has been!! We have had so much fun introducing David to all our special traditions. I have lots of pictures to share so I'll start with some before Christmas pictures.
Last week I took a day off from school to get some things done, sometime you just need a day off! We took advantage and picked David up early and took him to see Santa. We had talked to him about Santa and had read some books so I think he was prepared. Lucky for us we were the only ones there at the time! David wasn't scared but he wasn't really interested in him. The Santa was really nice and we got a good picture which is really the reason we went :)
After seeing Santa we took David to see his first movie! I love Disney movies so I was excited that a new one was out at this time. Frozen was great!!! I loved it, especially the music. David thought it was pretty fun to be in the theater. He loved the popcorn, really loved it! He did great through the movie until the last 15 minutes then he declared that it was "bye-bye" time. He curled up with Daddy and we made it through. What an awesome, awesome day!!!

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