Monday, February 10, 2014

Journey: 2 1/2 Years Old!!

David loves his cousins!!
It's hard to believe that we've been home 9 months with our son. The time has flown by!! How is it that 9 months ago we were just returning to Waco after a trip of a lifetime to bring home David?!? God is great and each day we so thankful for the incredible gift He has given us!! I truly believe that there is no other child who could be more perfect in our family.
David is now 2 1/2 years old! He is growing and talking and playing!!
Although we haven't been back to the doctor for an official visit we have visited the Urgent Care center thanks to strep and RSV (grrrrrr)... at that visit he had gained a pound and almost an inch. He is finally growing out of his 18 month size clothes although the 2T pants are too long. I'm ready for shorts season :)
He loves playing with anything that has wheels! He likes to push his many cars, trucks and trains around the house. He loves playing with his pizza and his push and go. He has many Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toys thanks to his love of the tv show. His favorite shows are Super Why, MMC, and Daniel Tiger. He likes to listen to us sing especially when Steve and I sing together. He thinks it's pretty fun that we know the same song :) He loves to dance and clap too! He loves to be outside and we've taken advantage of the few warm days to head to the park. He likes to ride his tricycle and he can almost get the peddles all the way around!
He isn't a big fan of veggies but he still loves tomatoes. His favorite things to eat are mac and cheese, chicken tenders/nuggets, any type of fruit, and soup. The soup can be messy but he loves it just like his daddy. He also still loves ketchup and fries which we have to hide till he eats the main course or else he'll only want the fries! He is doing better with drinking milk though we've switched to chocolate almond milk. For snack he loves 'nanas' and oranges so I'm not worried about him lacking in vitamins from fruit!
He loves to listen to stories each night before bedtime and he's still a great sleeper. Usually on Saturday mornings I have to wake him up! His bedtime routine now includes a stop in the guest room where he wants to lay on the bed before going to his crib. Not sure why or how this started but it's a short detour so we humor him. He's still in his crib and probably will be till he tries to climb out of it :) I am so glad we have a video monitor!! His favorite story right now is That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Brown which I bought when I was planning on having an Emily instead of a David. It's a funny little story. He also has enjoyed the books that we bought for Chinese New Year. He loves books with flaps that he can lift. He also LOVES seek and find books- loves them. We found 2 MMC ones that he knows so well he will find the objects before we ask for them.
His language is coming along great!!! It seems like he speaks new words each day. He is also speaking in small sentences which is awesome. He'll ask us questions and let us know what he wants which is great. He prays at dinner time and if we cough or sneeze he'll ask if we're okay- melt my heart!!! As a good Baylor alum David can recognize whenever we're sporting our BU gear. He also likes to do Sic 'Em!
We look forward to watching David grow, continue to learn new things and discover more about him! Thank you for sharing our journey!!

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