Saturday, February 8, 2014

Journey: A Trip to Arizona

In front of our former house~ 756 Deleon
I'm behind on blogging, shocking I know :) So, I updated with CNY and now I'm going back to the beginning of the year.
The success of Baylor football was very fun this year!! We went to a couple of games including the very cold Texas game and the Oklahoma game. So, when we found out the bowl game was going to be the Fiesta Bowl we knew we needed to be there. Since David gets car sick and it would be a very long car ride we decided that he would enjoy a few days with his Papa and Gigi~ which he did!! Yes, we decided to drive because the flights were crazy expensive! So, we booked hotels and made plans with the Gochis family on when to leave.
You have to drive through El Paso to get to Phoenix which was perfect for us. I grew up in El Paso, moved to Waco in 8th grade, so our first night was spent there. Oh, what fun we had!! Cheryl and I knew our dinner had to be at Bella Napoli which was our favorite nice restaurant. We spent many fun family dinners there after special events. We also visited my great-aunt which was very, very fun. We stopped by the house that we grew up in and our former schools. It was so fun to drive around remembering the very fun times we had in El Paso.
Our favorite restaurant in E. P.!

A FUN night in El Paso!

Visiting our great-aunt!
After a great side trip through El Paso we headed onto Phoenix. We really enjoyed Phoenix and loved the sunny weather. The game didn't go our way (it was horrible, really) but we still had a great time. We enjoyed the pep rally and New Years Eve in Phoenix.
Enjoying the sunny pep rally!
We three bears :)

The family ready to cheer on the Bears!!

Outside the stadium

Hanging with Judge Starr :)

I loved all the fruit trees in all the yards- so fun!!

Visiting with Sandy- a friend of the family from my parents time in Germany.

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Cindy said...

I remember visiting you all at your house on Deleon Dr. It was a beautiful home with a wonderful family inside! You have grown into such special women and to be the best of friends is a tribute to your parents as well as to you!