Monday, June 25, 2007

Birthday Weekend Review

Well, I am now a year older. I had my 31st birthday yesterday. It was a fun weekend with friends and family. It started on Friday with my mom taking me and 5 friends to lunch. It was great to catch up and chat about the summer. My friend Karen and I then went to get pedicures, my one vice. During the summer I love to have my toes looking pretty.
On Saturday Steve and I did a little shopping and then went to a friend's cookout. We celebrated my birthday there with a cookie cake. I love chocolate chip cookies so that was perfect, thanks Karen!
Yesterday I started my birthday by sleeping in which was wonderful. Steve took me to bruch at IHOP, my favorite breakfast spot. It was yummy. We had dinner at my parents house. Mom made my favorite cookout meal and daddy grilled. What a great way to celebrate. Plus, my sister and her kids were in town so I was able to celebrate with them. Andrew, my oldest nephew, will have his 10th birthday on Wednesday. We will get to celebrate with him in San Antonio this weekend at laser quest.
Hopefully I will soon figure out the picture adding part to this blog. I decided my sister needed to start a blog also. My mom thinks I'm a little crazy but that is nothing new :) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Kerri said...

HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! We look forward to your Christmas letter every year but this should help us get updates more frequently--how fun! It looks like you have been back to Europe recently--I am sure it was more romantic this time around--Ha! I am so excited about you adopting. I know Cheryl had a good experience and yours is sure to be just as wonderful. We have toyed with the idea ourselves but haven't done anything about it. I will be anxious to hear your updates as you go through the process. We would love to have you and Steve visit anytime you are in the Dallas area. Lets catch up! Kerri

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad you started a blog. I got the cute outfit you sent Levi the other day. Thank you. It made me think how we only keep in contact through Christmas cards. I'm so excited to hear you are in the process of adopting. I will be praying for you during this journey.