Saturday, February 23, 2008

SING 2008

Oh the fun of Baylor SING! If you aren't a BU grad you might have missed out on this exciting event. I was lucky enough to participate my sophomore year. One year was enough for me :) I remember going with my big, Jill, to the many practices and performances. It was such a high to be on stage with friends singing and dancing our hearts out! The amount of work that these students go through is amazing, just amazing! They now do 6 performances over 2 weekends, wow! It's like watching 16 mini (7 minute) Broadway musicals.
This year there were several great acts. I have always liked the acts with guys and girls and this year there was a great one. How they got so many people one stage is a wonder. Tri Delta was great, as always :) with a fun Christmas theme. I look forward to seeing who makes it to Pigskin. It was a late night for sure but worth it for the fun!

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The Blake Family said...

Oh, to relive the memories! I only did SING one year too...yes, it was enough for me too!! How wonderful that you are still able to go and see the acts! I have not been back to Baylor since my sister graduated in, uh, I think 2002?? (Somewhere in there...)