Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!!!!
Today I get to celebrate the day that Steve was born. I would love to say we went out and did lots of things but alas Steve has class tonight, bummer for him! I woke him up to say good-bye this morning before I left for school and I won't see him tonight till I am already ready to go to sleep (oh the hours of an school counselor, I go to sleep very early :)
We did celebrate earlier on Sunday with my parents and sister's family. We went out for dinner and then enjoyed cake at my parent's home. I am hoping Steve and I can celebrate together sometime this weekend. He starts his spring break on Saturday and I know he is excited about a short break from grading and teaching.
I laugh when I think of his birthday after we had first met. I had gone on a cruise with a friend and bought him a magnet from Cancun. I obviously have a hard time picking the right gifts :) I didn't know it was his birthday till I got back home and he told me a week later. I felt kinda silly that I gave him a magnet but we still have it on our refrigerator at home.

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