Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break-Part One

Well, I am enjoying a wonderful spring break trip. Karen and I headed out on Sunday and drove to Natchez, MS. Natchez is the oldest city along the Mississippi (they told us that a lot on the tours) and has many antebellum homes in the area. Each year, twice a year, they open the homes and give tours as part of "Pilgrimage". Some of the homes still have families living in them and others have been turned into museum houses. In our three days in Natchez we saw 14 homes! Wow, that is a lot. My favorite part was learning about the history of each house and learning about the furniture. My great-grandfather was an antique furniture salesman and I think I picked up some of his genes :)
Here is a little map from the visitor's center.
The town has about 16,000 people.

In all the homes there were women and girls dressed in the
hooped dresses. They gave the history of the homes.

A very "southern" thing to do is enjoy a Mint Julep in the afternoon. So since we were doing the southern thing we tried them. What I didn't know is they have bourbon in them - a lot of bourbon! Quiet a shock :) Now I know how the ladies were able to wear those big dresses all day (they couldn't feel, haha) Don't worry I didn't finish mine ;)

Does it get more southern than this? We went to the Historical Natchez Pageant. What a sight, they even have a queen and king and it is a big deal in town!
This is my favorite house (for the outside). Dunleith is now a bed and breakfast and I am sure it would be great to stay there, too expensive for my budget. They also have lots of weddings on the grounds, how fun would that be?!?

We had tons of fun and did lots and lots of walking. We had wonderful weather except the pollen that was all over my car and made me do a lot of sneezing. Now Karen and I are in New Orleans. We drove in this afternoon and can't wait to look around and experience NOLA!

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