Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring has Sprung

I love spring, well most parts. I love seeing the beautiful Bluebonnets as I drive around town. It's one of those things that when I see I get a huge smile on my face no matter what my mood is. We don't seem to have as many this year but there are a few patches on my drive to and from school. I also like the rain we have gotten, it makes the flowers so pretty. What I don't like about spring is ALLERGIES! In Waco you are very lucky if you don't have allergies, most people have some form of them. I am allergic to lots of things including grass, trees, and cats. Oh well, guess I just have to get used to carrying my box of Kleenex around with me :)
This weekend was lots of fun! I was able to celebrate two special events. The first was a going away party for some friends from church. We will miss the Sprinks very much and are excited about their new opportunities in Missouri. I also got to help with a baby shower for another friend from church. It was fun to shower Laura with special baby blessings.

My awesome sister made the cake for the shower. It is too cute!

I love this chair so much! Laura's theme is jungle and a special friend had the chair made. I am already thinking about chairs for Emily's nursery.


The Blake Family said...

Oh, how I do miss the bluebonnets! Thanks for posting that wonderful picture of them! Hope your allergies are not too bad this year.

Kellie said...


First, thank you for posting a pic of the bluebonnets.. I miss those every single year! Even when I was in NC and got to see every bloom known to man.

Second, I had no idea you had a blog, and I am so glad you do, especially since

Three, YOU ARE EXPECTING FROM CHINA!!!! I am so thrilled for you, and look forward to getting caught up on your blog, and getting to experience a little bit of your journey.

Have a great weekend!