Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not better

How'd ya like to spend some time in this machine?!?
Last week I gave an update that said Steve was off crutches and feeling better. Well, I spoke too soon! After being off the crutches a few days the pain in his back/hip/leg area came back. He is back on the crutches full time. Tonight he had an MRI done, at 9:15pm go figure. I didn't know they did them so late. The MRI went well and Steve wasn't in too much pain during the procedure. He got to listen to his fav CD to help him relax. Hopefully the doctor will be able to read the test tomorrow and let Steve know what's going on. We hope to know something before the cruise but if not that's okay, we are taking the physical therapist with us :) (Thanks Rich!)

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Kellie said...

ISn't it awesome to have a private PT...although mine always complains that I am a non-compliant patient. I am sure Steve is a very good patient.

I hope all is well and have a great time on the cruise!