Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Good News! Steve is feeling much better and is off the crutches. After a restful weekend he is walking fine. He will continue to work with Rich to strengthen his leg but he is off the pain meds. Looks like he will be 100% for the cruise in 11 days :)

Another update... Kirby is home a getting better each day. He had by-pass surgery and the doctors also put in an internal defibrillator. He is home resting and getting stronger in order to return to work soon. Thank you so much for the many prayers!

Today was my last day of summer school and kids. I have to go in tomorrow to do parent conferences, oh fun! I am very happy to have some summer time off. Steve finishes next week so he is very excited as well. Since I have more time on my hands I have found a new obsession, Cruise Critic. It is my new favorite website and a must for anyone cruising. Between that and I have plenty to read :)

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