Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wonderful Wedding Weekend

We enjoyed a great family weekend and a fun family wedding. Steve's sister, brother-in-law, and brother came in Friday night from Lubbock/Amarillo. They got here in time for us to enjoy a night out for dinner and a movie. We wanted to see Fireproof but it was sold out. I think that is a good thing for Waco but a bummer for us. We ended up seeing Eagle Eye which was okay. On
Saturday morning we headed down to Austin and Pioneer Farms. Steven's nephew, Josh, got married there. The wedding was at a historical homestead. Josh and Caitlin met there while volunteering. The wedding was just precious! All the dresses were handmade and her wedding dress was beautiful! We enjoyed a reception by the creek in a beautiful, tree filled area. It was great to have Steve's brothers and sister together, even if for a short time. We enjoyed visiting with other family members and celebrating a wonderful day. The pictures are of Steve and his brothers and sister and the happy couple.

I am a little tired from staying up late reading Twilight. I have really enjoyed it and went and bought the other 3 books in the series today. Guess it's going to be a late night reading tonight :)


Amy said...

Finally I'm commenting..Of course it is a book comment to get me to do so...I loved curious to see what you think as you continue through the series. And when you finish these, you should move on to The Lightning Thief if you haven't already started that series.

Brooke said...

You won't want to stop reading the Twilight series. They are addicting. Good reads!

Stacy Murphy said...

You know I think it was awesome that FireProof was sold out. That just means that the word is getting out to the rest of the world!! I'm sorry you missed it, It was Good.

Crystal said...

Oh yes. Twilight. Love those books. Have fun because it only gets better! :) Hope school's going well!