Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally got it finished

Well, I finally finished our Shutterfly book for Italy. Wow! I can't believe it has taken me so long to get it completed. Usually if I am doing a book from a trip we have taken I jump right into it when we get home. I guess I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the 1400+ pictures that we took. The first thing I had to do was reduce the pictures to 999 so I could work them into a book. That took awhile because I was being too picky. Once I got the pictures down to 999 I should have gotten started but for some reason I just didn't have the "drive". Well, almost 4 months later I finally ordered it tonight. I'm going to start working on the Paris book now and try not to get so behind. I think a fun job would be quality control at Shutterfly. That way I could check out everyone else's books and projects.

In other news I'm over strep throat. I think having the nurse move next door to me at school hasn't been the best. When the kids see me they like to give me hugs which is usually great until their visiting the nurse. I don't want tell the kids "no hugs" so I guess I'll keep my purell close by :) Oh the fun of working at an elementary school!

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