Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing much

Nothing much happening around the Cates' lately. We have been enjoying the beautiful spring weather and are already looking toward summer. Today was my second day of TAKS testing. TAKS days are always long and a little tedious. My principal and asst. principal are addicted to coffee and on days like today they drink a lot. I helped their addiction today with some Starbucks. The traveler is a great little something for those who need a perk in their step in the morning. The nice part is that it comes with everything you need to make a good cup of coffee and for Starbucks it isn't too expensive.

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gtown1 said...

You are so sweet to do that for them. What a blessing and living testimony you are to them of Jesus.
Miss you friend and our McAlister dates and Bible Studies and the anniversary coming up of our Crawford Frenzy! :)
Last Spring was a great one for me--and will be special in my heart always...just lots of beautiful weather and things going on with Walker's first this and that. Enjoy the bluebonnets--and if ya'll ever want to come visit us please do since I know ya'll are some traveling fools and not afraid to hop in the car and go!!!

love ya'll-ejw