Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early birthday

I got to celebrate my birthday a day early this year. Steve has class tomorrow night (bum!) so my parents had us over with Cheryl's family a day earlier. We have had a lot of celebrating this month (I will post more about that later). Anyway, it was a great night with mom making my favorite meal~Chicken Parisian along with fresh snap beans, yummy! I had a great night celebrating my 33rd birthday. I got the gift I was hoping for in a new camera. I'm anxious to learn how to take some great pictures before our trip. My sister asked me a great question tonight "what inspired your photography interest?" For me it was/is traveling. I love taking pictures on our trips and having them as our souvenirs. So, now I have a great new camera to help share those memories.

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The Blake Family said...

Happy Birthday, Cindy!