Monday, January 28, 2013

Journey: 5 Years LID

Our I-800A approval
January 29, 2008 is our LID date in China. What is LID? LID stands for Log In Date which means from that date on we were approved to adopt from China according to China~ 5 years ago! I used to buy something each month on our LID anniversary but after a year it got depressing and soon when the date rolled around I could hardly pull myself together for the day. I know now, and I knew it then too but had a hard time seeing it, that God has perfect timing. He and He alone knows why we had to wait. He and He alone knew before David was born that he would be our son. He and He alone will continue to see us through this process. I've said before I don't know why we waited so long to move to the Waiting Child list but He knows why and His reasons are perfect!! Without the timing we wouldn't be getting David! Such an amazing thing to think about!!!
Today we are one step closer to traveling to China, one step closer to being a family, one step closer to holding our SON in our arms! Today we received our I-800A approval!!
What's that? The I-800A is the US Homeland Security approval for me and Steve to adopt from China! Yes, even though we were approved back in 2007 and 2009, laws have changed and so has the paperwork so we had to go through approval again. The paperwork this time around was MUCH more complicated!
What's the next step? The next step is the I-800 approval which is the approval for us to adopt David, specifically and bring him back to the US. I had the papers ready to send via FedEx, I was just waiting on the approval of us to send with it and we got that today- HALLELUJAH!!!! It should be delivered tomorrow via FedEx.
How much longer? Don't you know I wish it was tomorrow!!! The longest it will be is 16 weeks, I think ( Mid May), and the shortest it will be is late March. Chinese New Year brings a slight hold up but our paperwork may still be on the US side of things at that point.
The nifty chart comes to you via which has been my lifeline! It and several facebook groups which help me really understand what's going on :) The facebook groups include many people who are in our same shoes and I LOVE "meeting" them!! We are now on the 7th step~Obtain I800 approval, that's the package I sent off today. So you can see we still have a few more to go!!
Thank you for your continued support and prayers!! Having friends and family who are so completely supportive is INCREDIBLE!!!
Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


Alan and Jill Haigood...and the Boys said...

SOSOSOSO excited for you Cindy!!!!:) We will pray the next few steps go quickly!

Alan and Jill Haigood...and the Boys said...

We are so happy for you! Praying your next few steps go quickly!

Cindy said...

I am following your log so closely. What an amazing story filled with love for your son! You have endured so much along the way but the journey will soon be complete. I admire your faith in God and I join you in that!