Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Journey: another care package

No news is good news, right?!? We continue to wait- 50 days, agh!!!!- on the next step to get David (the approval for us to adopt 'in general'). When that comes in we'll send the form to adopt David, specifically. I have the next FedEx package read to send- minus the one page from USCIS I need.
I have a new care package to send to our handsome little guy for Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year. I wrapped everything in red paper and hope that it will get there in time!
We ordered the bedding for his room and I cannot wait for it to come in!! Once we have it we'll pick out the paint which I've been waiting on. There's also a special nursery project that my friend Cookie is working on!! It's going to be fabulous!!

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