Sunday, January 13, 2013

Journey: more about David

Love his giggling face!!
A few weeks ago we got an update on our little boy! We were encouraged to ask questions within certain topics. His foster mom answered the questions. It is awesome to find out more about our little boy! We will probably ask for another update closer to when we will leave. Our first question was about his heart condition but they haven't done a formal evaluation since his referral so no news on his heart.

How is his health in general?
His health is good and seldom gets sick.

What type of bed does he sleep in at night? Does he sleep in a crib?
Yes, he sleeps in his own crib.

Does he recognize his name? Is he on target for his age developmentally?
His mental development is good. He could distinguish familiar people and strangers. He is good at imitation and likes imitating adults action. He understands adults words well and always follow adults orders.

Is he crawling, pulling up, and walking?
Yes, he could crawl, stand up and walk freely. He likes kicking ball and could keep balance well.

Is he speaking? Can he name items in the room?
Yes, he could say some simple words like "come, dad, mom, brother, kick a ball". He could also understand adults orders, as "come here, sit down, and take the toy".

How is he at going into a new situation? Does he adjust quickly to meeting new people or going to new places?
His adaptability is good. When guests come to his foster family, he always feels happy and likes hugs from guests. When guests leave, he will wave hands and say "bye bye" to them.

What are his favorite things to eat? What is his eating schedule?
He is not picky on food. The schedule as follow: 7:30 milk 200ml; 9:00 breakfast: conjee, bread, egg, noodle; 11:00 milk; 12:40 lunch; 18:30 milk; 20:00 supper: noodle, wonton soup; 22:00 milk.

Is he potty trained? Does he wear diapers?
He wears diapers at night when sleep.

What is his sleep schedule? Does he take morning/afternoon naps? What time does he go to bed each night?
He gets up at 7:30, has nap from 13:30-14:50, and goes to bed 22:00.

What does he do when he is upset?
He will cry. Give him cuddle or toy will calm him down.

Daily life, personality, hobbies, and others-
He likes play with other children. He is an active boy and likes communicating with people.

Favorite toys and activities-
His favorite toy is ball. He likes kick ball very much.

Knowing more about our son makes the wait harder but it's 2013 and we'll get to hold and love on our son THIS YEAR (and hopefully within the next couple of months)! Thank you so much for your support and prayers throughout our journey!!

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