Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Journey: 3 weeks, 3 WEEKS!!!

Another beautiful cake by Sara!!!

APRIL 17th!!!!

We have a date! After waiting only about 24 hours from our Travel Approval we got confirmation of our consulate appointment!! We got our first choice of dates too, God is Great!!! We leave in 3 weeks!!
We will have David in our arms on April 22nd, Gotcha Day!!
Our appointment with the consulate is May 2nd and we'll arrive back in Waco on May 5th.
There are a lot of details to be worked out but knowing when we are leaving and when we'll hold David is incredible!!!
I'll give you more details later but now I have to go work on my packing list.


Crystal said...

WOOHOO! Congratulations!!

Cindy said...

What a wonderful message for Easter: God is great! He loves us all.
Easter blessings reach from Texas to China! (They include Vermont, too!)