Monday, April 1, 2013

Journey: THIS Month!!

The Segura Ladies
April is THE month! In 16 days we'll be leaving for China and in 21 we'll be meeting our son. I can't believe that it's really happening. I hope the next 16 days will fly by! My LIST is almost 2 pages long and I'm getting things crossed off as quickly as possible.

We've booked our flights to and from China and our agency will be booking our flights within China. We do know that we'll spend 3 days in Beijing, 6 days in Urumqi, and the rest of the time in Guangzhou.

Cheryl made a perfect wreath!
 The pictures today are from a shower that my sister and some friends gave for David. It was delightful!! I can't wait to have him home and see him playing with his toys and dressed in his cute outfits!! April 22nd cannot get here fast enough!!

Adoption bookmarks

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Cindy said...

Great pictures - 3 wonderful Segura women!

The wreath is beautiful and the bookmarks are a wonderful idea.

The time will fly! You seem ultra organized to me!

I wish you safe travels!