Friday, May 3, 2013

Journey: almost home!

It is Friday night in Guangzhou which means tomorrow morning we fly to Beijing, spend the night there and then begin the journey home early Sunday morning. We are almost packed and will hopefully not go to much over on our baggage allowance!
Yesterday was our CA (consulate appointment). We took the oath that everything we submitted was true and factual and signed David's visa so he can travel into the US legally. Our guide dropped the very important brown envelop with us today that we have to give to immigration upon our arrive in Chicago. When we arrive on US soil, David will become a citizen of the United States of America!! So, so, so happy that our time is finally here!!!
Today has been a good day even though it's been rainy. We split up for the day with my dad and Steve going to a museum area and my mom and me with David did some last minute shopping. We both had a lot of fun!!
Now that we've been with David for 12 days his personality is really coming out. Here are some things we know:
He loves bath time and playing in the water, we even made it to the pool a couple of days!
David loves fruit! Especially pineapple, pears, oranges and bananas! He will fit right in with his cousins!! He is very good at trying any kind if new food! We ate at a Mexican restaurant last night and he loved his quesadilla. He also loves ketchup!
Stairs are magnets for him! Whenever he sees stairs he heads right for them. He also likes ramps and inclines. He likes twisting caps on things too.
He is not a big fan of hats... I'm working on this one.
He says "goodbye, mama, dada, papa" in English, he says "up, open and ball" in Chinese. We think he recognizes his name now too!!!
When it's bedtime he cries for less than a minute and then will talk/babble to himself for awhile (tonight with us packing it was almost an hour)!
We are so excited to be parents to this precious little boy and feel so BLESSED to have been brought together by God!!!!

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Cindy said...

Terrific! As I read this, today is the day! Thanks for posting the pictures. You all look so incredibly happy, just as families should! Safe travels!