Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Journey: a shopping adventure

Yesterday we did a guided shopping trip with Ann from Red Thread China. I found out about her and her service via one of the many Facebook adoption groups I belong too. I am so glad that decided to do it because we had so much fun! Ann was awesome and so friendly and easy to work with, she truly knew where to get what we wanted and for a good price! Ann also does care packages for kids in orphanages and SWIs.
It was Labor Day in China which meant there were even more people than usual hitting the streets for shopping. I don't think I've ever been in a crowd like we were at one point today!! It was all I could do to keep up with Steve in the crowd! Steve loved it, he likes to be where all the people are-seems easier to do that in China with so many millions of people. Guangzhou has about 15 million!!
David seems to make friends wherever he goes :) he is such a flirt!! Ann asked if he was our biological son!! She said people want to take a picture with him because they think he is Ameican! Well, as of Sunday when we land in Chicago he will be!!
This morning

we will go to the American Consulate to take our oath that all the paperwork we submitted was true. We will also sign for David's visa. I am so excited to be coming home in just a few days (have I mentioned that before?)!!
Below are some pictures from our fun shopping day...

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