Friday, May 24, 2013

Journey: Gotcha Day part 2

This is part two of my Gotcha day posts...

Monday, April 21, 2013: After our long morning of paperwork, tears, and smiles we had some time to rest before our next outing. We headed back to the hotel and it was time for lunch. We had bought some noodles for David and got those ready. We weren't going to change him to a new outfit (I had read some things about needing to keep the kids feeling secure and changing their clothes can be detrimental) but I did need to change his diaper. We discovered that he was wearing not one, not two but 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts, one of which was a sweatshirt. He had also been wearing a pretty heavy jacket. I had read about children in China being dressed in many layers and have now seen it for myself! His poor little checks were red for good reason, the kid was HOT!
Well, we stripped him out of his overly warm clothes and put only one layer back on. It was warm outside and we felt good with him wearing pants and a long sleeve shirt. They had put him in one layer that was an outfit that we had sent which made my heart happy- Thank you New Day!!!
Our first experience with David eating went surprisingly well! We made noodles and he slurped them up!! He seemed to really like them and did well despite having gone through such a traumatic morning. After his lunch we tried putting him down for a nap since he seemed really sleepy but that didn't go over with him so we played and watched David discover all the fun things in the hotel room.
He explored and we moved things (making a hotel room toddler ready is NOT easy!!!) and played with the cups and some other toys that we had brought with us. The time went by quickly and soon it was time to meet our guide in the lobby.
We went to the police station where we had to sign some more paperwork and give the pictures of David taken that morning. The police station would be getting his passport ready by Friday so we could leave the province.
After that outing we were done for the day with office visits so we could go "home" and be together. We hung out in my parents room for most of the evening. We didn't want to go out so we ordered room service and enjoyed playing with David and David enjoyed watching us. After dinner we headed back to our room and had our first bath time. David seemed a little nervous but once he was in the water he had a blast. We learned quickly that he loves bath time. The stacking cups made the bath even more fun!
We had a cradle in our room- the hotel did not have cribs. The cradle would have been good if David was a baby but with it being able to rock and move we were very nervous about him getting hurt so we decided he would sleep with us. We prepared our bed and he snuggled in between us!
Our first day of being parents was coming to an end and we had survived and had many smiles!!! We knew that God had ordained this day and for us to be David's parents. What an incredible day!!!
first lunch~ noodles of course!

at the police station

wearing mommy's shoes (one of his favorite activities)

dinner included some french fries!
An end to our first day together!!! We are SO BLESSED!!!

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