Saturday, June 22, 2013

Journey: 2 month post Gotcha Day

The first picture we have of David!
This is from November 2011
Today we mark our 2 month anniversary of David's Gotcha Day! It is hard to believe that we've been a family of three for only 2 months, it seems like he's been with us forever!!
2 months ago we held our son for the first time and our lives were changed forever! We've had a really great two months. David is adjusting really well and we are so thankful for God's abundant blessings! It's been so fun watching him discover new things. Yesterday we were outside and he heard a dog barking. He looked at me with wonder in his eyes and said "dog" and put his hands up to ask "where is the dog". It was a precious moment and I look forward to many more of those.
He has recently become more interested in books and he has a few favorites that he wants to read each night. He continues to say new words and loves looking at pictures in his books and finding new things.
He liked the icing!
The water is still a big hit and we're going tomorrow night with our church to the water park. We swam last night at a friend's pool which he, of course, he loved. The past few afternoons we have enjoyed playing outside. He likes to pretend to water the plants like daddy does each night. He does not like the feel of grass on his feet or hands. He still loves steps and if the gate isn't on the bottom of the stairs he will be at the top of the stairs very quickly! He is much for cautious coming down the stairs, for now.
Our crazy family of three!
We are still amazed at the timing of his arrival. We've loved having time off to spend time as a family. June is an especially celebratory month for us with lots of birthdays. Although David doesn't like sweets he does like to hear "happy birthday" sung though he thinks we're singing for him! He is such a cutie!!!

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