Saturday, June 29, 2013

Journey: a dedication and birthday

It is summer in Waco which means HOT temperatures and summer birthdays. We have stayed busy with swimming, playing at the park, and time with family. David doesn't seem to mind the heat at all. Poor kid will be all sweaty and still want to run around more outside! I try to head out in the morning before it's so hot since I am a hot natured person.

Last Sunday we had the blessing of having David dedicated at our church. As parents we dedicated David and made a commitment to the Lord that we will raise David according to God's Word and ways. I've stated before that I feel so blessed by our wonderful church family. In our Sunday School class there are many families with children about the same age of David which is awesome.

We enjoyed a play date at the children's museum in Waco this week. It's an awesome museum and I have been many times with school- usually   80+ kids, yikes!! I enjoyed it much more with David! It was great to see him explore and enjoy so many new things. He especially liked the water room (no shocker there), the sound room and the transportation room. He loved climbing in and out of the fire truck. What a fun day!

This week we also celebrated my birthday and Drew's. I cannot believe that Drew is 16! and driving- holy moly!! I am so proud of the young man he has grown up to be!!

His favorite thing to do at HEB- eat a whole apple!
He eats the whole darn thing so now it's our special treat while shopping.

He really enjoyed my birthday!

David loved the car at the museum!

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Cindy said...

I am pleased to know David was dedicated and that there are many families who have children his age at your church. It is important to have church friends!

Happy Birthday to you and Drew! 16 and driving...unbelievable!