Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Journey: days in Urumqi

Sorry, I'm a bit behind. I went back to work this week- just for four days while Steve is off too. He starts next week with his summer class. David and Steve had a wonderful week and it was very hard for me to be away from them all day. Not sure what I'm going to do when August rolls around!

April 23-25: After an exciting and exhausting Monday we were looking forward to a low key Tuesday and some time to get to know our son. David woke up smiling and ready to go! He loves to put on his shoes and head for the door, always wanting to be on the go~perfect for our family! Our only scheduled event for Tuesday was a trip to the grocery store to stock up on some more supplies. It was a very interesting shopping trip. One thing Steve and I always enjoy when we're in a new country is to visit their stores and see what things are different and the same. In China the store had some similar items and then it had some very different things that we wouldn't find in an American grocery store. The smell in the fish area was overwhelming but you could pick out whatever large fish you wanted from the tank, or you could but a whole pigeon (beak and everything). You could also buy flowers to make tea with, we had lots of chrysanthemum tea while in China.

DISCLAIMER... I'm a horrible blogger, or better yet I am now a mommy to a toddler who is on the go! I started this post last week~sorry!!!  I've added some pics about our days in Urumqi and some info in the comments.

This is David's "Finding Spot", where he was abandoned.
 It is a hospital located in the Muslim area of Urumqi. Steve and my dad got to go visit.

Inside the "people's park" where there were a ton of people and things to do.
There were people dancing, people singing Chinese opera, fishing, cooking- seriously the park was amazing!

a map of the park, it is huge!

David's favorite thing to do, ride the airplane!

We visited the bazaar in Urumqi, very interesting and unique!

Could he be any cuter?!?

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