Monday, July 22, 2013

Journey: 3 months Gotcha!

Our first picture together!

3 Months!

It is amazing how your life can change in an instant! Three months ago our precious little boy was placed in our arms for the first time. The moment we had dreamed about and planned for years was happening!! Our first three months has gone by so quickly- too quickly!! We've had many, many ups and such incredible blessings! I'm anxious to head back to the doctor to see how much he has grown!

The past couple of weeks he has really started using a lot of words and many that he is picking up from conversations as opposed to me labeling things. His new words are "home, thank you, duck, pull, and more". When asked how old he is he'll respond "two" (most times)- I started working on that one early so he'd be ready for his birthday :)

As I type this he is in his room chatting away! We put him to bed at a good time but sometimes he'll chat to himself for an hour or more! It's mostly just babbling at night and I love listening to it! His favorite word is still "no" and we're working on saying "yes" more often!
He is a boy and we've had some bumps and bruises. Last week he had a tumble down the stairs which scared me so much but he was okay. He still loves the water and has gotten a lot more brave and likes to float on his tummy in the tub now too.
We leave on Friday for our annual family vacation with my family. We can't wait though I've got a lot to get done in the next few days!!

At the zoo social- my little tiger!!

The zoo splash pad- a happy boy!!

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