Monday, July 8, 2013

Journey: a visit to the farm

"Hello" Mama Pig!
One of my good friends lives out in the country. She loves country living and in the past couple of years has started raising pigs. She started with 2 and now has 4 adults plus new additions with 8 piglets. We took David out to meet the pigs on Saturday. He wasn't quite sure what to think at first. The piglets were running around looking so cute and mama pig was wanting to get out of the gated area.
There was one runt which has to be hand fed. After being fed David got to pet the little one and he seemed to like it. We let mama go to her 'spa' area (mud hole) and he thought that was fun. Mama pig rolled around and got all sorts of muddy which was funny to watch! We also saw the other 3 adult pigs who were resting in the shade. We enjoyed an awesome brunch and David entertained us with some dancing!
David has been using a lot of new words lately and has started to intentionally listen and try to sound out new words. By the time we left the farm he was saying "pig". We brought his stuffed pig with us which he enjoyed playing with on the trip home. We also got a good supply of fresh tomatoes which David absolutely loves. It was a fun day!!
Cute little piggy!

Mama in her 'spa'

Trying out some work boots!
He loves to dance and sing!

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