Monday, July 15, 2013

Journey: a summer week

He loves to look and listen to books at bedtime!
We have really been enjoying our summer so far!! The anticipation of our family beach trip and David's 2nd birthday party are great too! I've been trying to do some planning so we'll have everything we need for our trip to Florida. I'm so anxious to see David playing on the beach!! The birthday party plans are coming along as well. His actual birthday will be while we are in Florida and we'll celebrate there and with a party when we get back.
Last week we had a special visit from a long time friend. Amy and I met in 8th grade when I moved to Waco. Cari, Amy, and I went to school and church together and had many, many memorable and fun times together! They helped make my move to Waco a little more bearable :) So, Amy now lives in Georgia. Each summer her family makes the trek to Texas to see family. Lucky for us they took time out to make it to Waco for the day. We met at the Mayborn for the kids to play and then enjoyed play time at Cari's house. Amy has 2 boys, plus her nephew and mom came too. With Cari we had 5 active little boys and a precious little girl to enjoy. David enjoyed the museum again and enjoyed following the older boys around. I'm so glad Amy was able to make the trip south. It was so wonderful to see her and her family!
Enjoying the water park!
We've spent some time at the pool this week too. The temperature was over 100 several days so the water was a welcome refresher. Our a/c started leaking upstairs this weekend, yuck! We turned it off and moved David downstairs. Luckily my parents have a pack-n-play and he has been sleeping in the study. Hopefully someone will be coming today to get it fixed. We've been blessed with some wet and cooler weather the last two days which has been awesome. I never thought I'd be celebrating Waco weather in July!

Cari, Amy, and me~ friends for 20+ years!
cooking up something great at the museum
He likes to dress-up

"get on the bus"!

playing with the water

a drum session with Christopher

Building a masterpiece!

My Love!

Thanks to Andrew for making a BIG bubble!
5 terrific kids~1 great picture!

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