Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Journey: 4 Months Gotcha!

This is his "cheese" face!
Thursday marks 4 months for our family to be together~ WOW! It is hard to believe that it's only been 4 months since we met David in China!! It seems like we've been together forever!!  David has continued to do great and he is growing so much!!
Our summer is coming to an end which makes me very sad though I am looking forward to the fall! I can't wait for his first Baylor football game, fall festivals, pumpkin patch, and Thanksgiving. I also like the cooler temperatures of fall!
David had his two year check up last week. He is in the 30% for height and weight. His heart continues to be healthy and we are so very thankful for God's healing! He had to get a shot and a finger prick but he handled them like a champ!
David is saying more and more words and now he is putting them together. He says "thank you" a lot and it's too darn cute when he says "thank you mama", just makes my heart happy! He continues to be a pretty good eater though he doesn't eat many vegetables. Some days he'll eat a ton of food and then the next he won't eat much- guess that's a 2 year old for ya! His sleep is going great too. We moved bedtime up and hour and he's done pretty good with that change. He's started wanting to do many hugs and kisses before we leave his room- we certainly don't mind that at all!!
Walking in to school!
I started back to work last week and Steve begins classes at Baylor on Monday. With summer over David has started at daycare which we're calling 'school'. Today was his second day and so far he is really enjoying it! The first day he went in with a smile and said "bye bye" to us with no hesitation- Praise!! I think going to church child care has helped with the transition. Tomorrow he will stay most of the day and I'm hoping for smiles when he gets picked up. I'm excited to see him make new friends and learn many new things. I also think school will help with his language development. We feel blessed to have a place where we know he is being cared for each day! He's been tired the past two nights so I know he's playing hard!

Ready for his first day of school!
All smiles!!

We got him a tricycle for his birthday.
It's a BIG hit!!

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Anonymous said...

He looks so great! The time has gone by so fast... and yet has it only been four months? I think that he has a tan too ;-)