Monday, August 12, 2013

Journey: We have a 2 year old!!!

He loved his cake!
August 2nd is a very special day for us! 10 years ago Steve and I were married on August 2nd. Steve's dad's birthday is on August 2nd. And 2 years ago our precious son was born! August 2nd was already a very special day for us but now it's even more special!! When we got our referral for David I was actually researching our 10 year anniversary trip which was going to be a river cruise in Europe. Instead we went to China, thank goodness!!
Daniel Tiger!
When I found out that we would be in Florida for David's first birthday with us I was super excited. I knew that being with family would be lots of fun. Since we missed his first birthday I think 2 birthday cakes are in order! My awesome sister is a master at cakes thank goodness! I decided that for his Florida birthday we would do a "Daniel Tiger" cake. David loves Daniel Tiger which is on PBS and a take-off of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. It is possible that I like it more than him :)
On his birthday we started with a great morning at the beach. Steve and I went out to lunch to celebrate our anniversary at a local place which was very yummy. We had a wonderful dinner and then did cake and presents with David. He LOVED his cake! He also really enjoyed having us sing Happy Birthday to him. Thanks to all of our June birthdays he knew exactly what to do when it came time to blow out the candles. What a fun day!!!

Happy Birthday David!!
He's too cool!
 Like I said, since we missed his first birthday we thought 2 birthdays would be great! It being August in Texas meant that his party needed to be inside or involving water so we chose both. We  took advantage of our Baylor connection and used the SLC pool!
It was easy to come up with a swim theme and thanks to Pintrest, my mom and my sister we had lots of fun ideas. David enjoyed having new friends play with and he loved the cakes and candle. We had a special candle from China that lights up and plays "happy birthday". We brought home several from China! I enlisted my sister again to make a fabulous cake~ a beach ball. Drew loves to bake as well and made a yummy dolphin cake! It was the best party he won't remember :)

David loves his cousins!!

Blowing out his special candle!

He loved his cake!

Cousin Drew made a yummy cake!

Thank you Aunt Cheryl for a perfect cake!

He loves the water!

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