Friday, August 9, 2013

Journey: Pictures on the Beach

While in Florida I wanted to get some family pictures on the beach. We did professional pictures with the whole family early in the week. It will take 4 weeks to see those and we're all hoping they turn out great!
Knowing that we have a semi-professional photographers in the family we decided to take advantage of his nice camera and talent for a mini-shoot! Drew and my dad both took pictures one morning. and we had a lot of fun though it was so darn humid!! David's a natural at taking pictures~ let's face it, that's an important thing in this family! It was fun and we got some great pictures. Below are a few to enjoy :)
We're squinty but David looks great!

Another good one of David!

Behind the scenes

LOVE this picture of David and my parents!


Seriously, could he be cuter :)

Thank you Drew!!!

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