Monday, July 23, 2007

another summer week

I wish I could say I haven't blogged this week b/c I was so busy... just not so. Steve and I have really enjoyed our time off together. We have continued to work on the adoption paper chase and we will for the next few weeks. As of Tuesday we have a new roof. They did it in one day, I was very impressed and glad that worry is taken care of. The plumber came to look at our water leak and tell us what our options are as far a fixing, sounds expensive. I have learned that anything to do with a water problem is expensive!
As for the weekend... We saw HAIRSPRAY on Friday night. What a fun movie! I love musicals and haven't gotten to see this one on the big stage yet but seeing it on screen was lots of fun. Of course I now have the soundtrack and laugh every time I listen to it.
Friday night was a late night due to HARRY POTTER year 7 coming out. Yes, I am a huge HP book fan. We headed to Wally World after the movie to stand in line with the many others to get a copy. I was so excited, yet kinda sad, knowing this would be the last book. I stayed up till 4am reading. For those of you who know me well you know that is amazing. I continued to read on Saturday and finished late that evening. I won't give anything away 'cause I want everyone to read it for themselves! For those who have just watched the movies I highly encourage you to READ THE BOOKS!!! The HP books are so much better than the movies, at least in my opinion. A huge thanks to Amy P. for getting me hooked many years ago. Amy is a children's librarian who went to Baylor with me and loved the books so passed the word along to me.
I have pleasure of taking care of my nephew Andrew today while his dad starts his job at Baylor. The Gochi will be moving here within the month and we can't wait.
Have a great week!!!

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